A Glimpse at Forest Lake in February


Snow covering the lake of the campground. Photo was taken February 14th.

Brrr….that’s definitely not sand! While some of you are enjoying warm temps and beaches we’re enjoying the brilliant blue skies over our frozen tundra. Temperatures reached -22o F overnight in Truxton. Just a week ago we could see grass. Last Sunday, after the temperatures dropped back down below freezing, the lake froze over and almost looked like we had an 8-acre ice skating rink. Pond hockey anyone?


Thin layer of ice froze over the lake on February 7th.  A stretch of warm weather earlier in the week melted the snow.


Here are a few more photos from around the lake that we took this morning.


Since it is the 14th of February, we thought we’d send a valentine.  We can’t wait for the  summer when we can start enjoying the warm weather, campfires and time outdoors in the grass and sun with friends and family.

We Love Camping FLC.png

Stay warm!

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