Grass is in view around the campground

The mild winter has left us without a snow cover in mid-March.  Here are a few photos from around the lake that were grabbed earlier today.   I think there may even be a hint of green starting to show up in the grass!

In April of 2015 we were crossing our fingers and hoping that the ice would be out of the lake and the snow would have finished melting by May 1st, our opening day.  The snow did finally melt about 7 days before we opened.  Here are a few photos showing the snow cover in March and April of the last couple years.

FLC March 18 2015 - entrance

March 18, 2015

FLC april 2 2014 - lake

April 2, 2014

FLC april 4 2015 - lake

April 4, 2015

FLC april 9 2014 - lake

April 9, 2014

FLC april 11 2015 - top of hill

April 11, 2015

FLC april 13 2015 - lake

April 13, 2015


FLC March 2015 vs 2016

Now here’s something to look forward to. The next photo is from May 27, 2013. Memorial Day Weekend will be here before we know it.    Happy Camping!


FLC May 27 2013 - lake

May 27, 2013



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