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Phone: (607) 842-6401
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Forest Lake Campground is located at:
5816 Hickey Road
Truxton, NY 13158

Mailing Address:
Forest Lake Campground
6019 Dog Hollow Road
Truxton, NY 13158

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9 Comments on “Contact Us

  1. My Husband Rodger and I and our 4 boys have camped at Forest Lake Campground since our oldest two were 4 years old, they are now 26 and we still love going there. Nothing fancy just good friends, wonderful family, and down to earth good old fashion fun. What more could anyon e ask for than to be with the people you love, outside in the fresh air. Or just sitting by a nice fire reminissing about old times. I would not trade it for anything in the world. If you love your family and you love the outdoors come try it out. it is a great time, with lots of won derful people. Please help to keep our children safe though the speed limit is 5 miles per hour and everyone will let you know that… There are children everywhere, so be where.

  2. I just want to say that this is our second year coming to the Campsite and it is a WONDERFUL place to be…We (our children) absolutly enjoy it there and will continue to camp there….it is an awsome experience for our children to get away and learn what real camp life is all about and spend less time in the city…We just want you to know what a wonderful place you have there and such nice and enjoyable people to be around…we will be returning very very soon…Thank you again….Great Job!!

    William& Brenda

  3. The Mingles have camped at Forest Lake since the 1980’s. It is a serene campground, and well-patrolled. We appreciate that the seasonal campers are all nice people, and that we can all have good, clean fun together. The campground itself is rather rustic, but the peaceful atmosphere makes up for not having a lot of scheduled activities. And to be truthful, we actually prefer that, since we go camping to get away from the noise and activity of living in a small city. It’s fun to have campground get-togethers once in a while, but it’s also nice not to have a loudspeaker blaring at all hours of the day every time we are up there, and tons of screaming children, speeding ATV’s, and out of control parties going on all the time. I would (and often do) recommend Forest Lake to friends and neighbors. We hope to be able to camp there for a long time!

  4. We are interested in camping at your camp grounds, how do we make reservations?

  5. I grew up around Forest Lake Campground. We used to go to the top level, and met many enjoyable people. Sure the top level got a little crazy at times, under the old owners, but that was what camping was all about back then. Then again, the top level was mostly the tent sites back in the day, and we’re talking the 70’s. God I feel old just doing this….lol. Now I am looking at moving into a camper on the second or maybe first level, site #83. So life does run in circles, and we need to be careful of those bridges we cross and burn.

  6. Yesterday, we visited very good friends staying in your campground. We had a wondergul time. Also, we would like to rent a trailer next summer, for one week, if possible. Thanks again Bryan and Diane for the great visit with you to Forest Lake campgrounds!

  7. Going on my 4th year. I camped on top of the hill the first couple of years next to some wonderful people. My mom ( 97 ) always wanted to camp next to a lake, so when a site became available we moved to a wonderful view of the lake and indescriable sun sets. The campers organize fun activities thruout the season in the large enclosed pravillions. The owners are always upgrading and beautifying the park. This campground is really affordable. We are a safe secure campground, just try entering without stopping at the office !

  8. This is the BEST campground around and you can NOT beat the price for the experience! The campground is clean, quiet and just lovely! They are doing a lot of fantastic upgrades, as well! On top of that, the Sutton family (three generations) are just fantastic people, all around! It was the perfect choice for us (a younger, married couple with no children). Though we weren’t able to follow through on our seasonal site (due to unexpected reasons), we WILL be back – that’s a promise!

  9. We started camping here a few years ago. We loved the fact it wasn’t too far away from home. Gave us the best of both worlds, getting away but if hubby got called into work it was only about 20 minutes from his shop. This year we have decided to do a seasonal site for 2016 camping season. We love it up there and have met so many nice people and new friends. Now our boys are older its just us, and this is the most relaxing place we have been to. I recommend it 100%.

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